Due to the EDP-assisted and individual adjusted controlling and operating data acquisition software our roller hearth furnaces and annealing plants are able to constitute the special requirements of the wires for homogeneous and at any time reproducible structures, such as globular cementite for utmost transforming with lowest possible wear attrition of tools.

The ultra-modern annealing plants have optimum process reliability and maximum efficiency. Through an extremely pure annealing atmosphere we achieve the finest surface structures for further processing. The high modern annealing surfaces assure us a maximum process security as well as a maximum degree of effectiveness. An extremely clean annealing atmosphere guarantees an optimal surface of the annealed wire, which, in return, is very suitable for processing. In addition, the two roller hearth furnaces in Wetter-Wengern offer the highest quality standard for wire rod. Here we have the possibility to offer a special solution for all materials (e. g. structural, chromium, rolling bearing steels) by controlling the heating, holding and cooling time to achieve an optimum microstructure.


Execution EN 10263 Description Description
raw +U raw
GKZ +AC annealed on globular cementite
K +U+C cold-drawn
GKZ+K +AC+C annealed on globular cementite + cold-drawn
K+GKZ +U+C+AC annealed on globular cementite
K+GKZ+K +U+C+AC+LC cold-drawn + annealed on globular cementite + cold-drawn


Further stainless steel versions on request.


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